Bear Mountain Car Show Cruise Night June 25th, 2008

The Wednesday night car show at Bear Mountain, NY continues on as we break through to the first days ofbear mountain car show June summer. Great weather brought out a record number of enthusiasts showing more than 300 cars on the main lawn next to the Inn. A wide variety of collector cars were on hand from the 1937 Cord Phaeton to the ’59 and ’62 Corvettes to the 60′s Sunbeam Tiger . We even saw a Jensen Interceptor , a pretty rare sighting.

This week as well there were a fair amount of newer sports cars including the 88 Testarossa, C4R, and a Ferrari 355 . It’s really great to see so many classic cars mixing it up with the newer sports cars. This night at Bear Mountain was truly unique and awesome.

Following are some of the images Sports Car Advisor captured along the way:

1937 Cord Phaeton :

Cord Bear Mountain

1955 Ford Thunderbird Supercharged :

1965 Mercury Comet :

Mercury Comet Bear Mountain Car Show

1965 Corvair :

65 Chevy Corvair

1967 Chevy Corvette :

1967 Vette Bear Mountain

1967 Dodge Charger :

Charger Mopar Collectible Muscle Car

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 :

Mustang Bear Mountain

1959 Corvette :

1959 Corvette Black original

1962 Corvette :

Red Vette Bear Mountain

1975 Jensen Interceptor III :

Jensen British Sports Car

Sunbeam Tiger:

V8 Sunbeam Powered by Ford

1983 Aston Martin Lagonda :

Red AM Loganda

Austin Healey 300 Mk III :

Ferrari 355 :

1988 Testarossa :

Ferrari Testarosa Red

3.3 Eurospec Turbo :

Thanks to all the car enthusiasts who came out to Bear Mountain this week and for shining up and sharing these beautiful collector automobiles . What a turnout. See you soon!

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4 Responses to “Bear Mountain Car Show Cruise Night June 25th, 2008”

  1. Peter Humphrey Says:

    Thanks for the top billing! Fix Chord to Cord, s.v.p. Also: Testa Rossa, Lagonda. Great T’bird, but she’s a trailer queen. It was a great event. I’m sure to do it again someday.


  2. Sportscar Advisor Says:

    @ Peter – thanks for the comments and editing revisions – all updated!!!! The Cord is amazing and rightly deserves top billing here. Come back again soon

  3. harold hansen Says:

    I love the picture of my Porsche Turbo fender, arguably the best angle shot of the car.

  4. admin Says:

    @ Harold – it’s a fantastic looking Porsche and deserving of good pics.