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The Porsches of Hayfields – Summer Cars & Coffee

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Sportscar Advisors had the fortunate opportunity to do an early morning run to Hayfields in North Salem, NY. A low-key cars & coffee meetup in Northern Westchester, NY, this event is filled with true enthusiasts who bring out unique and well-maintained examples of a wide variety of vehicles. A Porsche 964 fitted with roof rack and carrying luggage? Check. Porsche 930 Turbo? Check. Porsche Speedster M491? Check. Alfa Romeos? Check. BMW E30 M3s? Check. Countach? Check. Vintage Maserati? Check. What could beat this variety of cars along with a fantastic cup of Joe and a really great egg, cheese and avocado sandwich? Not much, this is pretty much as good as it gets for C&Cs. A relaxed, non-judgmental crowd of enthusiasts just enjoying their cars on a Sunday, catching up for an hour or two – or three!  That’s Hayfields.

Here today, our post focuses on the Porsches of Hayfields, 2019. We will share other vehicles in a future posting:


Gulf Blue Long-Hood 911:

Long Hood Porsche 911

Porsche Speedster M491:

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster M491

Yellow Long Hood 911 (Bahama Yellow?):

Yellow Long Hood 911

964 with Luggage Rack / Hockey Gear:

964 Hockey Gear

Blue 911 T:

Blue 911 T Long Hood 2-4 Hayfields Cars and Coffee

911 (991) Turbo S:

991 Turbo S at Hayfields

930 Turbo:


For a Sunday morning Cars and Coffee meetup the assortment and variety of vehicles is impressive across many makes, but the Porsche turnout is superb bringing a wide swath of modern and vintage air-cooled cars. The above is just a small sampling of the Porsches from one Sunday in the Summer of 2019. It’s great to see such variety and quality and this is a wonderful place to visit. We highly recommend Hayfields cars & coffee, but get there early as it fills up fast and parking is limited.

Lime Rock “Sunday in the Park”: The BMWs

Friday, September 24th, 2010

limerock-sunday-in-parkOne of the highlights of Limerock’s annual Labor Day weekend Vintage Fall Festival is the Sunday in the Park car show and concours.  This unique event allows participants to park their cherished cars around the edge of the famed 1.5 mile road course.  Spectators and participants can walk the entire track and see some of the best cars in the region on display.   Since racing is not allowed on Sunday at Lime Rock, Sunday in the Park is the perfect interlude to the four days of exciting vintage and historic races.

In addition to the premium concours event, visitors may arrive at the park with their everyday driving classics. Pending a car is rare or in decent condition one may receive a coveted invitation to join their marque’s section on the track. This is really two car shows in one; you don’t need to be in the concours to enter into the general car show. This inclusive feature makes for a diverse collection of cars and a strong turnout of spectators.

This year the weather on Sunday was a sunny 75 degrees with light breezes to grace the spectators and gorgeous vehicles. Good weather lead to a great turnout and a perfect opportunity for the shutterbugs to immortalize a wide array of cars.  From Aston Martin to Citroen, from BMW to Rolls-Bentley, there were over 20 official marque categories spread around the track and what seemed to be several more that were unofficially grouped.

There was a great display of BMW cars. The Bimmers were parked on “no-name straight” just past (walking clockwise around the track) the Volvo display and just before the Italian makes. There were approximately twenty 2002 cars and ten E30 M3 cars. Among the standouts lining the back of the track were a fully restored convertible M3 decked out in a rare metallic green color and several impressive 2002s. (more…)

Hemmings Sports & Exotics Car Show, Saratoga Springs – 2010

Monday, August 30th, 2010

hemmings-car-show-saratogaSaturday August 7, 2010 brought the return of the Hemmings staff to Saratoga Springs, New York for the annual Hemmings Sports & Exotics Car Show. BMW cars were the featured marque and there was a wonderful showing of all types of Bimmers from 2002’s to 6-Series “sharks” and even a Hennarot M1.

The weather on this day was spectacular with light music filtering through the warm summer breezes and bright sun shining over head. The Saratoga Automobile Museum Popcorn truck was sharing it’s wonderful kettle corn and the local Lion’s club opened up a concession stand for attendees to fill up on grilled goodies. What more could one ask for than a beautiful day with sunny skies and a lineup of well cared for sports and collector cars on display?

The car turnout was comprised of well over 150 sports and collector cars ranging from early Model T’s up to modern sports cars through model year 1988. There was a strong showing of classic post-war British sports cars including Jaguars and MG’s. In this area we though the Jaguar XK 140 stole the show! (more…)

Pennings’ 2nd Annual Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show

Monday, September 7th, 2009

pennings-car-show-warwick-nySeptember 5th 2009 in scenic Warwick, New York brought the 2nd Annual Pennings’ Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show. Jack Pennings, Jr. puts on this annual show in Pennings’ Apple Orchards in the hills of the bucolic Hudson Valley each year to celebrate local car, motorcycle and tractor collector’s prized possessions.

The afternoon featured the car show, a pig roast, barbeque, a rock band and a lawn tractor pull contest! Appoximately 50 cars were entered along with 75 motorcycles and 10 mint show tractors. The tractor show is a completely appropriate theme for Warwick, NY and what better place to show them than on the farm at Pennings Orchards. (more…)