Pennings’ 2nd Annual Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show

pennings-car-show-warwick-nySeptember 5th 2009 in scenic Warwick, New York brought the 2nd Annual Pennings’ Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show. Jack Pennings, Jr. puts on this annual show in Pennings’ Apple Orchards in the hills of the bucolic Hudson Valley each year to celebrate local car, motorcycle and tractor collector’s prized possessions.

The afternoon featured the car show, a pig roast, barbeque, a rock band and a lawn tractor pull contest! Appoximately 50 cars were entered along with 75 motorcycles and 10 mint show tractors. The tractor show is a completely appropriate theme for Warwick, NY and what better place to show them than on the farm at Pennings Orchards.

Following are some of the gorgeous vehicles that came out for this fun car show.

Classic GMC 100 Pickup Truck:

V-Force Customs Chopper:

Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcyle:

Minneapolis-Moline Tractors:

1971 Pontiac GTO:

Chevy Impala Convertible:

Turbocharged Toyota Supra:

Chevrolet Chyenne Pickup Truck:

Chevrolet Chyenne Pickup Truck:

Ford Fairlane:

It’s great to see such a unique and eclectic combination of cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractors all in one place, and is in such a scenic setting. Thank you to the Pennings’ family for producing such a fun and engaging car show on this Labor Day Weekend! We look forward to next year’s Pennings Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show.

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2 Responses to “Pennings’ 2nd Annual Car, Motorcycle and Tractor Show”

  1. Kat Schuster Says:

    Hey all. Wow we out here in AZ wish we were there for the show. It all looks so cool. I loved the yellow and orange tractors.. Sweet..

  2. Sports Car Advisor Says:

    This car show was a lot of fun Kat. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the pictures!