Lime Rock “Sunday in the Park”: The BMWs

limerock-sunday-in-parkOne of the highlights of Limerock’s annual Labor Day weekend Vintage Fall Festival is the Sunday in the Park car show and concours.  This unique event allows participants to park their cherished cars around the edge of the famed 1.5 mile road course.  Spectators and participants can walk the entire track and see some of the best cars in the region on display.   Since racing is not allowed on Sunday at Lime Rock, Sunday in the Park is the perfect interlude to the four days of exciting vintage and historic races.

In addition to the premium concours event, visitors may arrive at the park with their everyday driving classics. Pending a car is rare or in decent condition one may receive a coveted invitation to join their marque’s section on the track. This is really two car shows in one; you don’t need to be in the concours to enter into the general car show. This inclusive feature makes for a diverse collection of cars and a strong turnout of spectators.

This year the weather on Sunday was a sunny 75 degrees with light breezes to grace the spectators and gorgeous vehicles. Good weather lead to a great turnout and a perfect opportunity for the shutterbugs to immortalize a wide array of cars.  From Aston Martin to Citroen, from BMW to Rolls-Bentley, there were over 20 official marque categories spread around the track and what seemed to be several more that were unofficially grouped.

There was a great display of BMW cars. The Bimmers were parked on “no-name straight” just past (walking clockwise around the track) the Volvo display and just before the Italian makes. There were approximately twenty 2002 cars and ten E30 M3 cars. Among the standouts lining the back of the track were a fully restored convertible M3 decked out in a rare metallic green color and several impressive 2002s.

The contingent of BMW E30 M3’s at Sunday in the Park was pretty impressive:

Lachssilber M3:


Alpineweiss M3:


E30 M3 Convertible:


A Bauer (open) Edition 3-Series:


A delightful collection of BMW 2002s:

Love the color on this 2002:



A 2002 dressed in yellow is just an awesome sight to see:


A motorsport set-up with what appears to be work done by Korman Autoworks:


A pristine BMW 2002 tii:


Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock is well worth a visit if you get a chance. Whether you’re into Italian classics American muscle or Bavarian Brawn, there is a little something for everyone each year. In particular, BMW enthusiasts usually make a substantial showing at the event and this year was no exception, especially with E30 M3 and 2002 owners.

There’s more to come on Sunday in the Park. We have an entire collection of some of the great cars from the Vintage Fall Festival and we’ll be sharing them soon in a forthcoming post.

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