Best Driving Roads: 7 Lakes Drive, Harriman State Park, NY

7 Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park is one of America’s Best Driving Roads.  Built in 1913, this road runs approximately 20 miles between Sloatsburg, New York on the Southern end to Bear Mountain State Park on the Northern end.  The 7 lakes you see on the ride are lakes Sebago, Skanatati, Askoti, Kanawauke, Tiorati, Nawahunta and Silver Mine Lake.  Sebago and Tiorati are quite large in area and the road along these shores offers some fo the most scenic views in Harriman State Park.

While the early part of 7 Lakes Drive needs new paving, the middle section near the big lakes is nicely paved and has fun twisties and undulations making for perfect summer sports car driving.

Following is a video of the middle section of 7 Lakes Drive passing lakes Skanatati, Askoti, Kanawauke and Tiorati.

If you are ever in the Southern New York area looking for a fun and scenic driving road, 7 Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park is a must.

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