Best Driving Roads: Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of America’s Best Driving Roads, not only for its great driving qualities, but also for the scenic views it offers. The Parkway runs from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park through the high-hills of North Carolina to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Started as a massive public works project built during and after the Great Depression, today the Parkway is maintained with public and private funds. And when we say maintained it really is in fantastic shape. Well known amongst bikers and drivers alike for its great curves (rivaling those at “Tail of the Dragon” / Deal’s Gap) the Parkway offers unparalleled driving pleasure and scenic delights.

What makes the Blue Ridge Parkway so great? Wherever you go on the Parkway you’ll find:

  • Amazing twists and turns with long sweepers as well as hairpins
  • Fun dips, rises and twisted drops
  • Many long straightaways to open things up
  • The road surface is completely smooth with very few potholes, bumps or inconsistencies
  • Trees are trimmed back around turns so you can see a bit ahead of you
  • Shoulder grass is beautifully trimmed within several inches of the ground and back about 10 feet on either side making stops along the edge no problem for low slung sports cars.
  • In the off seasons (non-foliage) there is very little traffic in many sections – you may find yourself completely alone for 10′s of miles and in certain sections, the road is not heavily policed.
  • Last but certainly not least, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a Best Driving Road because it is one of the top Scenic Byways in America. There are very few roads that will compete with the scenery you’ll experience on the Blue Ridge. It’s simply remarkable. There are ample pull off points and parking lots on the side of the road at scenic vistas where you can view amazing sunsets and mist rising from the mountains in the early dawn.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a must drive for sport and collector car enthusiasts. In fact, it’s a must drive for any and all who have a chance to visit the mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. And while it would be tough to drive the entire Parkway in 1 day, if you can sample even a small section of this amazing driving road, you are lucky.

Sports Car Advisors visited sections in North Carolina and took some pics and video for all to see. Unfortunately we had to return the Pontiac G8 we had rented due to an empty tank and massive gas shortages, so we ended up cruising in a 4 cylinder family sedan – ugh! We still captured some video and pictures to share the beauty of this Best Driving Road.

As a side note, Sports Car Advisors visited a section of the Parkway North Carolina. If you have a chance we recommend visiting the Asheville area where you can connect up with the Parkway off of Interstate 40. The Asheville region has a lot to offer in the way of great restaurants and touring. IF your are ever there, do be sure to go to The Biltmore Estate (gorgeous gardens and a great winery on the estate) and if you drive North on the Parkway for about 2 hours you can visit a quaint mountain village of Blowing Rock.

Visit the official website of The Blue Ridge Parkway Association, Inc.

Feel free to share your stories of the Blue Ridge Parkway with us!

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4 Responses to “Best Driving Roads: Blue Ridge Parkway”

  1. Johnsim Says:

    Great write up Jake! Wish I was there now!

  2. bill Says:

    One of the best rides I’ve done in a long time; just went through there 2 weeks ago and couldn’t stop smiling. Oh and it helps to have an m3 convertible to add to the excitment!

  3. Big Daddy CC Says:

    We just got home from Gatlinburg Tn and went to Cades Cove and Clingsman Dome and on the way back we stayed in the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was up in Little Switzerland NC for 2 Nights and drove our BMW to Mt Mitchell and stayed at the Little Switzerland hotel on the Parkway. We went over a 1000 miles on our journey and it was the true experience of beautiful views and great food at all of the hotels. I highly recomend these 2 hotels for nights to remember. These are hidden treasures to a lot of people that do not know the area as me and my wife do. Charlotte NC. This is the closet to heaven you will get.

  4. Sports Car Advisor Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. These sound like great recommendations for places to stay near the Blueridge Parkway.