BMW Forums Online: A Master List

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BMW Forums Online: the Master List

There are hundreds of online car forums, specifically in BMW Forums, so we wanted to compile and share a list of all BMW forums we could find online.

Online car forums are an amazing resource for car enthusiasts  There are forums for pretty much every make and model of car. From tech information on engines, wheels, tires, interiors and electronics, to social events, car shows and motor sports events, these online communities are one of the best places to go to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

BMW forum communities in particular are vibrant, busy online meeting places and most communities have fresh conversations and information posted by members, editors and moderators on a daily basis. Posting information is usually quite simple; just sign up with a user-name, password and email address and you’ll be able to access a wealth of information to keep your car in top running condition and get a long, well-lived life out of your favorite BMW.

The BMW owner community is thriving with brand enthusiasts and they have gathered to exchange information about their cars and be a helpful resource and support network to each other. Forum members are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In most of the forums you can post questions and have an answer back from a helpful forum member within about 1 day. In some forums you can get nearly immediate answers!

Most forums have sections for particular models and series of BMW cars and are well organized so that you can look in a classifieds section for parts and cars for sale, or look in tech sections which are organized into specific technical areas.

Perhaps some of the most vibrant communities are in the major regions of the BMW Car Club of America (CCA), but other major forms exist for all types of BMW’s and we have listed them here to be a helpful guide.

If you are a BMW owner, you should take advantage of a forum or even two of them. We recommend joining a forum for your model of BMW but also a general BMW Forum such as Bimmerfest, Bimmerpost or another such major forum.  There is a wealth of information to access within the forums and active participation can lead to a very fruitful and fun-filled ownership experience.  Enjoy our list!

BMW CCA Chapter Forums:
Following are BMW Car Club of America Chapter forums. The larger metro area forums are a bit more active than some of the more regional forums.

North Atlantic Region:

Boston BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

New Jersey BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

New York BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Delaware Valley BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Genesee Valley BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Mountain State BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

South Atlantic Region:

National (Washington, D.C.) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

South Central Region:

Houston, Texas BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Lonestarchapter (Texas) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Rocky Mountain BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Smoky Mountain BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Tejas Chapter BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

St. Louis, Missouri BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Missouri Valley BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

River City (Memphis, TN) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Pacific Region:

New Mexico BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Puget Sound (Seattle/Tacoma, WA) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

North Central Region:

Motor City BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Windy City (Chicago) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Hoosier (Indiana) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Kansas City BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Illini (Illinois) BMW CCA Chapter Forum:

Northern Ohio Chapter BMW CCA Forum:

M-Series Cars (M3, M5, M6, M Coupes) (E30 M3) –

M3 Forum:

DTM Power:

M5 Board:

M6 Board:

Series Cars, Mixed Model and General BMW Forums:

BMW Car Club of America (CCA) Forum:

Bimmer Forums:




BMW 2002 FAQ:









Unofficial BMW:


Beastpower Motorsports:


Pelican Parts Technical Forum:

Autobahn German Cars:

BMW Nation:

X Bimmers:

X5 World:

European Delivery BMW Forum:

One Series BMW:


If copying this list – please reference that the list of BMW Forums is compiled by Sports Car Advisors dot com.

IF we have missed an important forums, please post it in the comments section or contact us and we will be sure to add them if it is relevant.

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