Fairfield Concours d’Elegance – The Porsches

fairfield-concours-delegance-porscheMuch can be said about a concours event that draws amazing Duesenbergs, rare one-off prototype Packards and unusual makes from Britain, Italy and automotive meccas and this year, the Fairfield Concours d’Elegance in Westport, CT did just that. At this event there was a truly remarkable collection of fine, rare, classic and collectible automobiles; important automobiles.

And when a concours event pulls together some of the most spectacular Porsches in a region, it’s worth talking about those cars alone. So here we present some of the gorgeous Porsche sports cars that came out to the 2009 Fairfield Concours d’Elegance sponsored by Porsche.  Can you say speedster delight?  Can you say thoroughbred sportscar?

1964 Porsche Carrera 904 GTS:



1989 Porsche Speedster:


2006 Carrera GT:


1956 Porsche Speedster:


1960 Porsche 356 Super 90:


1957 Wendler Porsche:


1957 Beutler Porsche:


Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Porsche: (356 courtesy Ed H.)


Porsche Panamera:


Porsche Speedster: (from the parking lot!)


The Porsche turnout at the Fairfield Concours d’Elegance was quite remarkable. It’s not too often that you have the opportunity to see a 904, a Carrera GT and a Beutler bodied Porsche with smattering of speedsters and 356′s in between at the same event. The organizers, boardmembers, judges and volunteers at the 2009 Fairfield Concours did an amazing job of selecting some of the finest local Porsches in the Tri-State area. The title sponsor Porsche Cars North America brought out some amazing new vehicles for attendees view and this was quite a treat seeing the new cars against the background of such historic and classic Porsches.

We’ll post more great cars from the Fairfield Concours in the coming day. Look out for all the classics from this amazing and important concours event.

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