Monticello Motor Club (MMC) Opening Day

Ferrari at Monticello Motor Club

Sunday July 27 was an historic day for sports car enthusiasts and motor sports as a whole. Monticello Motor Club (MMC), a private country club / race track and resort with a massive 4.2 mile track exclusive to member opened in Thompson, New York. Mario Andretti and Brian Redman lead a procession of member cars on a 2 lap innaugural racetrack tour. Andretti drove his John Player Special sponsored Formula 1 Lotus and Brian Redman commanded the Blue and Orange Gulf Livery Porsche 908 . A helicopter took footage of the entire event.

Drinks and hors d’ouvres were served in the temporary clubhouse overlooking the parking lot which was PACKED with the most impressive track-ready automobiles. Rain threatened the ribbon cutting, but held out until a couple of laps were completed.

The Monticello Motor Club is an amazing place. Honestly, it’s unreal. It is truly one of a kind. You’ll not find a better track to take your car out on, not to mention 5 star amenities ranging from dining to spa – a true resort for the sports car enthusiast. As Bob Varsha described it during his opening comments at the track, “you will not find a place like this anywhere in the world!”

Following are some pictures from the afternoon as well as some video of members driving off the start/finish line and Mario Andretti coming back into the pits/paddock to park the Lotus F1 car – enjoy!

Mario Andretti (yes, that’s him on the left) and Brian Redman convene:

Mario Andretti at Monticello NY

The Lotus F1 (brought in and tended to by Highcroft Racing) ready to roll:

Mario Andretti and Lotus F1 at Monticello NY

Ferrari F40:

ATL Ferrari F40

Bugatti Veyron :

Bugatti Veyron at Monticello

McLaren SLR :

McClaren SLR at Monticello

Ferrari 250 GT :

Ferrari GTO

The Track at Monticello (a Model):

Monticello Motor Club Track model

The Four Ball Rally Winners (really) visit the Monticello Motor Club:

Cannon Ball Run winners visit Monticello Motor Club

Mario Andretti’s Covette Z06:

Mario Andretti\'s Z06

Mario Andretti’s Z06 – hmm Mario, you had to do the vanity plate? Okay, your allowed this one :

mario andretti\'s covette at Monticello

Yes, SCA showed up too!:

Opening at Monticello Motor Club (MMC - New York)

Ultima GTR :

Ultima GTR race car MMC race club NY

Moticello Motor Club Members follow Andretti and Redman on innaugural lap:

Mario Andretti drives his Lotus at Monticello Motor Club Race Track :

Sports Car Advisors would like to thank the MMC founding members (who will remain anonymous for the purpose of this post) for the invitation to come and visit at the track and enjoy the day. What an outstanding club!

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7 Responses to “Monticello Motor Club (MMC) Opening Day”

  1. Dennis Joyce Says:

    Very nice. I’ll take the Bugatti.

  2. admin Says:

    The Bugatti is sick – For some reason, I like the F40 better though – I guess it’s just the racing heritage of that car.

  3. Dirk Salz Says:

    many thanks for your fine diligence in recording some of the exciting Grand Opening Ceremonies just prior to the big down pour.
    We wish the founders of MMC the best of luck and hope they can pull it off. It could become the finest venue for motor sports on the planet.

  4. admin Says:

    Dirk – great to see you and thanks for coming out with that highly decorated SC. Lot’s of fun seeing you guys motoring along. Monticello Motor club is really an amazing place.

  5. Douglas Brown Says:

    Sorry I could not make the festivities.
    The track looks quite nice!
    Hope to see you at the Lime Rock Fall Festival!

  6. jacob Says:

    were is this race track? I rent a house very closse to Monticello Casino and Raceway is it near there?

  7. Azadi Says:

    Can you give me the best direction from Long Islan New York?
    Is there any covered enclosed area for visitors to be used in rainy days? Should I bring seats?
    I am supposed to be there this Thursday and Friday and I will appreciate if you provide me the information today.